Friday, September 25, 2009

Meaning Of A Celtic Cat

From the Egyptians to Romans, and from Romans to Celts came the transference of the symbolism of cats. Unanimously, the cat represents the guardian of the Otherworld (or Underworld, depending which texts you apprehend from assorted regions). Stoic, bashful and mysterious, cats fit the bill of Otherworld guardians absolutely well. They keep the secrets of the Otherworld always to themselves, as the gaze with guile upon a world that does not see or accept the depth of their knowledge.

Astute and clever, not only that they accomplish great Otherworld guardians, they are aswell liaisons to mystical realism. When invoked, they can grant the caller a variety of insights regardinng more esoteric, aerial knowledge. No admiration the cat is a prize among of Celtic animals.

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