Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Letters of the Alphabet Design

Between 700 – 800 B.C. Irish monks wrote beautifully illustrated manuscripts which documented Celtic historical procedures and poetry. Their occupation was protracted and particular and it every now and then took months to full a single manuscript.

However, the intricate manner in which the words was through was a work of art. The monks worn vellum, self-same thin calf-skin, as paper and goose or crows quills as their prose devices.

Vegetable-based black ink was old as the medium.

Celts are identified for their originality and use of cipher to display their heritage and descent. Tattooing is a way to respect that heritage and tradition. As you glare at each letter, reflect a propos the calculate it took the monks to inscribe an entire article on vellum thesis using these gorgeous letters. Take a instant to appreciate the creativity of these Celtic mail of the alphabet.

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