Monday, September 7, 2009


e name Dara comes as of the word "doire," which is the Irish declaration for "oak tree." Bandung's
Interestingly, the famous St. Brigid of Ireland erected a convent at Cill-Dara which means "the cathedral of the oak."

I do not be acquainted with the originator (creator/artist) of the Dara knot, but I do experience that the knotwork (example revealed left) is likened to with the intention of of the burrow coordination of fazes the oak tree.

Oaks were well thought-out sacred to the Celts, above all the Druids who could convert the patois of leaves addicted to profound and evocative e-mail applicable to the lives of their clans. Such words also provided insight addicted to the meanings of the heavens relating to their reality.
The oak in all of its symbolic glory (including extra Celtic secret language such as the Dara knot) is invoked in time once we requirement heap our domestic determination for the objective of remaining zealous in epoch of challenge.

The Dara knot, as it monochromes is coupled through the oak, reminds us with the intention of beneath our surface (beneath the soil) we have immensely divine secret resources (root system) that let somebody have temporarily us wisdom and stability apart from of the circumstances we see around us.

I anticipation you have enjoyed this contact on the Dara Celtic tether meaning.

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