Thursday, September 10, 2009

Horses Symbolism

Horses are the most common animal symbols used by Celtic noblemen in battle. These companions of the gods were known for their beauty, speed, vitality, and fertility.

They were Celtic animals symbolizing development, healing, rejuvenation, and life in motion...

The man who can
take the reins of this representative of the goddesses Epona and Macha was a man who got power in his hands.

Horses were related to the night, mystery, and magic. Indeed, the label nightmare is taken as of the word "mare", denotation female horse. The Celts whispered that nightmares were brought to the dreamer by a v
isiting stallion from whichever Epona or Mare.

Horses were sacrificed, yet highly respected by the Celts for their intimate liaison in the company of the land. round about of the most durable examples of Celtic art are th
e huge carvings of horses bring into being in face sides round Europe.

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