Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celtic Dragons

Even though dragons are regularly related to Asia, these mythical creatures can be originate in fairy tales and legends all more than the world, with Celtic Ireland.

In the secular world of Celtic chiefs and warriors, dragons are merely secret code of the right of the chief. Indeed the Celtic expression for "chief" is Pendragon.
The celts were substantially familiar to the put in at and dragons were believed to influence the land, being connected amid the rolling hills etc. Areas frequented by dragons were believed to possess exclusive power and repeated dragon paths possibly will become ley lines. There is a clear similarity here by the Chinese Feng Shui dragon.

As kindly as the earth, Celtic dragons were strapingly associated with water. Many Celtic dragons are forms of sea serpent. They are a lot represented as a mammoth winged serpent, still unlike countless further other Western dragons they usually had no legs.

In Celtic art and legend dragons are frequently pictured plus their tails in their mouths, similar to the Norse Jormungandr. This circular symbolism is thought to stand in for the returning spirit of the earth and immortality.

Dragons are, of course, forceful creatures. The dragon was thus time and again old as a symbol of muscle by means of the local chief. An illustration of this can be initiate in the name Pendragon (most extremely well the king of England Uther Pendragon, vicar of ruler Arthur).

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