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Candidate` Police Many Tattoos

Tattoos identical with the things that most civilian and negati always decorate her body with tattoos. Hundreds of civilian familiar with the area onar Bandung West police arrested, on Wednesday. They dibariskan in Bandung West mapolresta. Hundreds of local residents thought the man before akan enroll prospective students into the State Police sekolan (Save).

"How many prospective police tatonya. lagian take-take the guitar again, "commented a number of citizens.
New residents are surprised when a police notify hundreds of civilian men, that is the usual make onar and crime in the area of Bandung West. "They were not candidates for police applicants, but the civilian, Bu," said the police.

Hear the answer is, people are surprised they even told the police back to prison earlier menjebloskannya. "We think prospective police applicants. If the cells are civilian, pak! "Fate Wiwin Ny, 46, who witnessed the degree of operating results of the community.
Kapolresta Bandung West AKBP Baskoro mentioned, the operating slab Lodaya digelarnya yesterday successfully crawl the 317 civilian bertato make ulah normal on the streets in the area of law Polresta Bandung West.

They dicomot from the bus terminal Leuwipanjang, and Market Caringin Bandung. "This civilian kerjaanya mengamen, if the victim did not give money is always melukainya civilian," said Baskoro.

By : Wijaya

Traditional ArtsTattoos Nearly Extinct

Tattoos are art. Before the art of tattoo (tattoo body painting) tribes in the Mentawai Islands (about 110 km West from the direction of the coastline of West Sumatra) extinct, should be efforts to examine and mendokumentasikannya. Soalnya, the Mentawai tattoo tradition is the only contemporary art that people use. "The existence of the tribe tattoo / Mentawai people with different tattoos now (modern), which is more urban sub-Cultures, such as young people used to self gengnya. Tattoos Mentawai extraordinary and unique, meet all the body from head to foot and laden with symbols and meaning, "said Adi Rosa, a painter and art researcher jebolan postgraduate art ITB, in Padang, Senin (31 / 7). Kompas pencekan Results in Siberut, Mentawai Islands Thursday-Saturday (22-27/7), shows, youth authentic Mentawai no longer interested in tattoo culture is inherited. Habits have started to make tattoos disappear because the government banned in 1970. Only persons aged 45 years and over who bertato and about a thousand in number-two thousand (5 percent). According to Adi Rosa, now lecturer art IKIP Padang, tattoo is one of the oldest ethnic culture of Indonesia that is only found in persons (tribal) Dayak and Mentawai. For the Mentawai people, tattoo is a lasting clothing that can be taken off. Moreover, also the means of communication and social status. "I ramalkan, 10-15 years, Mentawai tattoo extinct. So from now on documentation should be made both written and visual (dibukukan), "said Adi, researchers Mentawai tattoo. He recognizes, as the tattoo body painting so terabaikan studies of fine arts of Indonesia. Evidence, in the Visual Arts Directorate of Indonesia issued the Department of Education Arts and Culture (1975) and History of Visual Arts India published books through Project Procurement Directorate of Vocational Education Secondary School Education Vocational Depdikbud (1982), there is no problem in Indonesia tattoo. From Medan, there are concerns Ahoi Malay dance traditions can vanish in the future due to the progress of the age. This raised the head of the National Program Malay Culture (PBM) XI, Dahri Uhum, in Medan, Selasa (1 / 8). In PBM XI, only five teams in the competition, the district dijuarai Labuan Batu, followed Kodya Binjai, Deli Serdang, Langkat and Medan. Ahoi dance, he said, disappeared along with the advances in technology over the embankment to the rice field. People harvest the rice, have been using the machine. In fact, this dance is done as an expression of feeling happy in welcoming the successful yield.

Tattoo Art and History

Tattoo art is used to decorate tubuh.Kata tattoo art gallery was first recorded by the West in the James Cook expedition in 1769. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, tattoo art found in the oldest Egyptian mummy from the 20th century BC. But, the sign of permanent tattoo art that is made with the entering into the dye layer of skin that is found almost throughout the world. In a note Ady Rosa, 48 years old, fine art lecturer bekasi art, of the university, West Sumatra, tatto experience Egypt in the new SM 1300. According to master pure art, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), the Mentawai people have mentattoo body art since their arrival to the West coast of Sumatra. Proto wither this nation come from the mainland asia (Indochina), the metal Zaman, 1500 BC-500SM. That means, tattoo art mentawailah of the oldest in the world. In the Mentawai, tattos experience is known by the term wounded. In addition to Egypt and the Mentawai, tatto experience also are located in Siberia (300 BC), the United Kingdom (54 BC), Haida Indian in the United States, tribes in the Eskimo, Hawaii, and Marquesas Islands. Tattoo culture is also found in the ethnic Rapa Nui Easter dikepulauan, Maori tribe in New Zealand, Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, and Sumba tribe in west sumatra. For the Mentawai people, tattos experience is the spirit of life. Tattoo art and experience The Trendy Modis Bagamat first tattoo art experience is considered a taboo and ugly tattoos places but now is considered something that modis and trendy.
Tatto Galery tai fly, Tattoos Gallery redden lips, Tatto Galery eyebrow Tattoos Gallery until the picture is painted canvas to move the entire body. In fact, the places now peminat tattoos not only on the normal or the people - people who want to fraudulent for effect. The artists are now using a lot of Tattoo Jakarta as accessories. Only a few artists such as Nafa Urbach, Riff, Jodi, Indro Warkop, and probably many more. Art tattoo Jakarta Art Gallery has some kind of flow: Natural, Oldskool, Tribal, New skool and biomechanik. Nuance of the tattoo art that places this increasingly diverse world semaraknya add galery tatto art tattoo fans and places in Jakarta does not make a direct image of the tatto places better not seen anything taboo.
To facilitate the process of tattoo gallery gained places and conditions in your health condition is stable and normal, just enough to eat and sleep free from the influence of alcohol and drugs. Tattoo galery art No More "Italic" Tattoo art is not a good place soon, is not it also strange. Now many people bertattoo But not men but women also have found many, then why they bertattoo? Wah seru kalo gak But why do you, soalnya certainly a lot of potential reasons why. Jakarta tattoo art gallery or a tattoo is now dijadiin body art painting, art have a value that is not visible from the streak images by in elegant body.
Okay next, Jakarta tattoo art seem closer to the element of criminal, kunaon Nyak? Clear tattoo gallery places is one way of millions of ways to ungkapkan self-expression and show the public the road looking for attention or fun time.

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Body Art Tatto

Tattoos are art Tatto but for most people, tattoos rate is negative. But, the effect of this presumably more terkikis. Evidence, the latter are many young entrepreneurs, students, and even the mother-housewife who loves her body ditatto. Why? View at a glance from the outside, the building is located next to the swimming pool in the park Teen Surabaya Jalan Kusuma Bangsa that looks deserted. In front of the building have placard reads: Yanche salon. In the place of that, later visited the more people who want to metropolis ditatto body. And, tatto made it permanent in the salon. "We want to develop this as a tatto art, such as body painting. If it be possible for sangar first-sangaran, that seems serem. Now it is no longer like that," said Herman, boss Yanche Salon, the Jawa Pos, yesterday. "And, we do not make home-derived tatto. We dare to guarantee safety. This is like, very rare in Singapore," said the single 40 this year. When the Jawa Pos, accidental Herman are back ditatto by Yusepthia Soewardy, one of fruit. Visible, with full back Herman tatto dragon image is in fight. "All this made tatto Kent (call Yusepthia Soewardy, Red). It took five more minutes to draw a tatto all this," said Herman.
Added, already five years old he is working with the Kent to open a salon specifically to handle tatto. "A year later, who come here more and more. It is 1000 pictures that we make. Most who come are students, young entrepreneurs and young mothers," he said. "We really only want to serve those above age 18 years," he said, flushed.
Jawa Pos in the salon, the chance to meet with the Ny Hartuti, one of three young mothers who are ditatto. Ny Hartuti requested ditatto in the right ankle with the ball three images (such as a series of three-ball). Mother of three children who live in an elite housing in Kenjeran confess that already since one year ago like tatto. However, my first tatto temporary (easily removed) and berglitter (flicker-flickering). Every once a week I change the image-change. Now, as heard in the salon permanent tatto this, I immediately interested, "said a woman aged 35 years.

Tattoos That Part One Expression

Most people see the negative about the tattoo but the tattoo artist, Sapto Raharjo aka Athonk (29), tattoo art is part of the expression of someone. Because the tattoo is personal. Tattoo processing must also be carefully and professionally to look beautiful and taste bercita art. "Tattoos that are home-derived ultimately bring stigma for gang tattoos," he explained to Bernas, Friday (17/11) in between the Gampingan Tatto Expo Campus in the former Faculty of Visual Arts ISI Yogyakarta on 15 to 21 November.

According Athonk, tattoos, and have in fact already developed since first epoch and is traditionally done anywhere. "Just in the development of modern, people bertato often seen out of the norm. Ditato the reason someone is very personal and should have a strong foundation," said the man who opened Studio Tattoos Pure Black Tattoo in Malioboro GT 1 / 77 Yogyakarta.

The desire bertato, continued, must be started from a strong personal desire and ethics can not force someone to bertato, select people who are really professional in the field of tattoos, pictures and select the correct design. Tattoo appropriate processing procedures and post-tattoo skin perwatan needed to support health skin beauty tattoo art, "said jebolan Faculty of Visual Arts ISI Yogyakarta.

Men blond punk with the red-yellow light that this bertato himself because of the rise of the desire of parents menyuruhnya entry Akabri. "Time 2 class high school told my parents enter the military, because I want my tattoo right arm with the tattoo Donald Bebek," he said while showing tattoo on right arm. Tattoos are an expression first appeared serasa make himself ditato longer want to be the hands and back and even neck tattoos and feet also do not escape from the tattoo. "Sayapun start a quarrel with the tattoo in the field of study and practice among their own friends," he said in 1994 started his tattoo menggeluti professionally. From the hobby tattoo done professionally, sambungnya, every month he mengantongi able to Rp 1 million to Rp 2 million. For the tattoo, he does not play. "A day is usually one to three people ask ditato. Depending on the rate and level of design complexity. At this time the design again ngetrend ethnic tribal, ethnic designs incorporate the existing," he said with his skin care cream lotion makes skin healthy and tasty tattoo views. Do you want to decorate your body with tattoos that look more interesting?

Learning Business Through Tattoos

Tattoos are seni.munir love with the art of tattoo, to make young people find this a business opportunity. Without in-realized by Munir, owner of counter tattoo 'Toxic', design and image tatonya start the tune of artists, even bule-bule a vacation to Yogyakarta. Initially, Munir was only receiving the fan in the room kosnya tattoo. Starting from the campus in ISI friend who asks for Munir menato, old run-of-mouth to mouth the name of Munir started known as penato reliable. "What they think of my tattoos, because I may be directly menato jewelry design or image to their bodies. So, like a painting, I express my work to the body of the man. The result, more original. What do I use the example image, "said Munir, students ISI Communication Design Department. Munir also always emphasized the hygiene equipment tatonya. To tattoo needle, for example, use it only once on each person. "So are guaranteed sterile. Bule people usually do not want to see him before ditato hygiene tools that. Yes the reason they are reasonable, because virus spread AIDS / HIV is also caused by the use of a needle repeatedly, "said Munir.
Munir tattoo fans because more and more, young people establish counter this tattoo around Surokarsan. With the capital savings of mentato for this. Diajaknya also some colleagues sekampus for the following business. "In its development, we have a friend out in a T-shirt shop Toxic. This even bring our ideas to make a T-shirt with the style of street fashion. In addition, not only permanent tattoo that we signed, but also tattoo temporari we serve, "said Munir. Not stop until there Munir cs business, in any event involving young people such as bazaars and performance of music, Toxic present there. In addition to stocking their memajang stand also open a small tattoo. From the results of the mentato, Munir so do not depend on the parents. All the needs of the course takes a lot of costs that it can meet. Also for day-to-day needs. Then, what about the Munir lecture? "Current-course smoothly. While we try to keep counter can even do the tasks of the campus. The main drinking water while diving. What we actually do this exercise alone.

Culture Tattoos Mentawai Islands In The World

Tattoos are art. Tattoos are never one kind. For the criminal perpetrators, is a tattoo. As part of the other, they use the tattoo to show the identity of the group. There is also the history of tattoos as a means of ritual.

Perhaps taken a tattoo of the word tatau in Tahiti. The word was first recorded by the West in the James Cook expedition in 1769. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the oldest tattoos found on Egyptian mummy from the 20th century BC. Permanent sign that is made in a way to enter the coloring in the skin layer, is found in almost all parts of the world.

In a note Ady Rosa, 48 years, Visual Arts faculty, University of Padang, West Sumatra, have a new tattoo on Egypt in 1300 BC. According to master pure art, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), the Mentawai people have menato bodies since their arrival to the west coast of Sumatra. Proto Malay nation comes from mainland Asia (Indochina), the Metal Zaman, 1500 BC-500 BC.

''That means, Mentawai tattoo that the oldest in the world,''said Ady Rosa, who has 10 years researching tattoos. In the Mentawai. Tattoos titi known by the term. In research Ady Rosa, Mentawai and Egypt in addition, there are also tattoo on Siberia (300 BC), the United Kingdom (54 BC), Haida Indian in the United States, tribes in the Eskimo, Hawaii and the Marquesas Islands.

This tattoo culture, also found in the tribe in the Rapa Nui Easter Island, Maori tribe in New Zealand, ethnic Dayak tribe in Kalimantan and Sumatra in West Sumba. For the Mentawai people, tattoos are the spirit of life. Ady, that in 1992 the cultural center in the Mentawai Siberut Island, find the position of at least four tattoos there.

One of the tattoo is to show the difference between identity and social status or profession. Tattoos sikerei shaman, for example, with a different tattoo expert hunting. Experts hunt through known image tangkapannya animals, such as pigs, deer, monkeys, birds or crocodiles. Sikerei known stars of the tattoo-balu sibalu in body. Arat Sabulungan tale of joke Ady said,''So, before the stars have a general, traditional Mentawai have first ....''

According to research Ady, a teacher by two large ITB, AD Pirous and Primadi Tabrani, dijuluki''''General Tattoos, for the Mentawai people, tattoos have also functions as a symbol of natural balance. In the community, objects such as rocks, animals and plants must be enshrined at the top of the body. ''They assume all objects have souls,''said Ady. Function of the other tattoo is beautiful. Mentawai community also freely menato body in accordance with kreativitasnya.

The position is governed by the belief tattoo tribes Mentawai,''Arat Sabulungan''. This term comes from the word sa (se) or a set, and bulung or leaves. Dirangkai the set of leaves in a circle made of sago shoots or enau, believed to have magical power, or beggar ketse. This is then used as a medium of worship Kabagat Koat Tai (sea god), Tai-leleu Ka (spirit forests and mountains), and Tai Ka Manua (spirit atmosphere).

Arat Sabulungan used in the ceremony each birth, marriage, medical, moving house, and penatoan. When children enter the grown-up men, aged 11-12 years old, my parents call sikerei and rimata (headman). They will negotiate and determine the day of the month penatoan.

After that, dipilihlah sipatiti-tattoo artists. Sipatiti this position is not based on the adoption community, such as shaman or chieftain, but professional men. His expertise should be paid with a pig. Before penatoan akan done punen enegat, alias initiation ceremony led sikerei, in puturukat (gallery owned sipatiti).

Body ditato akan kid who is drawn to the start lidi. Sketches on the body is then ditusuk with the needle bertangkai wood. Wood handles this beaten slowly with a wooden mallet to enter the coloring substance to the skin layer. Dyes used is a mixture of banana leaves and coconut shell charcoal.

Promise Gagak Borneo Penatoan early or paypay sakoyuan, was conducted at the base of arms. When the tread of adult age, followed by tatonya pattern durukat in the chest, in the hands of takep titi, titi rere on the thigh and leg, titi puso on the stomach, and titi teytey the waist and back.

In conclusion Ady Rosa, Mentawai tattoo closely associated with cultural dongson in Vietnam. Suspected, from the Mentawai people come here. Fathers of the land, they sailed to the Pacific Ocean and New Zealand. As a result, a similar motif is also found in some tribes in Hawaii, Marquesas Islands, Rapa Nui tribe in Easter Island, and Maori tribes in New Zealand. In Indonesia, according to Ady, Mentawai tradition tattoo more democratic than the tattoo Dayaks in Kalimantan. In Dayak culture, tattoo shows the status of a property.

The''bertato, the rich,''he said. Toh, Baruamas sidewhiskers Balumus, 67 years, leaders from the indigenous Dayak tribes Park, menuturkan, tattoos in the Dayak people have aspects other than a symbol of social strata. Cats''is a homage to the ancestral form,''says native leaders called Masuka Djanting it. Examples are in the tradition of tattoo culture Dayak Iban and Dayak Kayan. In both tribes, the menato believed as a symbol and a means to reveal a natural ruler. Tattoos also be able to avert evil spirits and drive away the spirit of disease or death.

Tattoos as a form of expression associated with the cosmology of God Dayak. For the Dayak people, divided the three: the top, middle and bottom. Symbols that represent the cosmos on the patterns seen in the tattoo hornbills, month and the sun. Middle world, where human life, disimbolkan with the tree of life. While the dragon is a motif that shows the world down.

Charles Hose, officer in the British Office in the Sarawak Civil Service in 1884, diligent record-legend legend Dayak people who trusted them. In the book Natural Man, A Record from Borneo edition Oxford University Press, 1990, Charles Hose told Borneo promise crows and birds to each other kuau Argus decorate their fur.

After the First Hapa In the legend, crow mulus successfully do its work. Unfortunately, birds kuau is foolish. Because not afford, eventually kuau Argus ask crows to sit on the bowlful ink, and menggosokkannya to the entire body kuau, eater of carrion. Since that time, perhaps, crows and birds have kuau marking equipment''and''such as now.

Widely, tattoos found in all the Dayak people. However, the rate Hose, techniques and best tattoo designs are owned Kayan tribe. For this tribe, penatoan only done when certain eligible. For men, the process penatoan after he could mengayau the enemy. Tradition tattoo for men is slowly sinking in line with the restrictions mengayau.

After the prohibition, the tattoo appears only for the sake of aesthetics. Tattoos tradition is not lost on the Eve. Now, they consider tattoos as symbols of beauty and self esteem. Although the Dayak people do not recognize caste, tedak kayaan, aka no women bertato, considered lower in rank than the bertato.

There are three kinds of tattoo disandang ordinary women Dayak Kayan. Among other tedak kassa, which covers the whole foot and after the adult. The other is tedak usuu in the hand, and tedak hapii in the thigh. Among the Dayak Kenyah tribe, penatoan begins when a woman aged 16 years, or after the first period.

Tattoos Not Just Identity Arts

Tattoos put people first as diangap or criminal mischief, but now Tattoos or body art painting has changed from the ritual needs to be mode. Now tattoos are not only to show the identity of art and taste their owners, but also has become part of the means to decorate or beautify the self itself. The more people who embellish the body with tattoos. Not only on the arms, but also other body parts, such as the mouth and stomach. According to anthropologist Prof. Dr. MA Kusnaka Adimihardja, tattoos have long grown in Indonesia. Indonesian culture as in the ethnic Dayak, Kalimantan, the culture of the skin with a needle puncture, which is part of the ritual. However, in the development, tattoos have become fashion.

Starting from the entrance to the mode of Western Australia, through television, film, and other information sources. "Formerly, in the era of my youth, color ink for the tattoo is only black or blue. Now more varied, with more sophisticated equipment. Menato body also does not sesakit first. This can cause a number of the many tattoo fans," said Kusnaka. According to him, tattoos do not show a specific character, but the fun and marvel at the art itself. Usually tattoo popularity among the young, especially the punk community. "The society is loosely or including an easy to accept the changes," he said. Note the needle

According to Sonny Sondari, enterprising doctors who give counseling on HIV / AIDS, for the needle is not sterile menato the media can become infected by HIV virus. Peluang virus infection that can lead to AIDS from the syringe and tattoos around 0.3 percent. "Therefore, people who want to be sure the body menato correct needle that will be sterile. Use a new needle or use. Or, use a needle that has been disterilisasi," said Sonny. Consumers, he said, have the right to ask needle sterility problem that will be used for the HIV virus can stick in the needle used HIV. Akan virus into the body of another person if the time penatoan jarumnya the blood vessel. "Normally penatoan done in the epidermis.

But every man is unique, the distance between the epidermis and blood vessel-between different individuals. And the tattoo parlor should be supervised by a particular institution, "said Sonny. Maraknya studios and tattoo artists in the street on one side raises concerns about aspects of higienitasnya. Wandy (25), tattoo artist (artist), stated at this time consumers have been very critical. Almost each potential customer who asks for a visit higienitas process of making tattoos. "In the studio, as here, injector needle, tube, and inkap (close) ink for the goods once. Despite remaining, remains removed. Soalnya, the remnants of blood was still on the needle stick maupu tube. Do not contagious diseases to consumers, especially hepatitis, "Wandy said. Senada Comments expressed Soni, artist's studio Angel Ball. According to him, during the injection (tattooing), 60 percent focused on the stage rather than hygienic aspects of the art. Higienitas For support, use of glove hands, mask, and closed the room is important.

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Cool Tattoo and Body in Women's SEXY

In the modern era as many women now decorate her body with tato.Seni or decorate the body known as the tattoo has become a trend among the men since a while first. But now, not a few women who willingly decorate her body with various forms of variation that is unique tattoos and beautiful.

For some women who ditato body, they reasoned beautiful tattoo of a beautiful offer. The thought that the tattoo be a part in his life.

According to the news that dilansir Health24, Llieze Ellick, as experts reveal pierced, "There are various reasons why someone chose decorate her body with tattoos. I tattoo is private. Maybe there's a ditato they want to try new experiences in life. Tato is a form of self-expression that can make some people terpana. "

tattoo, almost similar to the art of Body painting, but usually only a Tattoo symbolic motifs, in the pour in lukiskan or organ in the body of us.
Many Pro and contra of the image bertatoo, most people assume that people have always bertatoo its image towards negatif.Bisa people in the bertatoo that Premanlah, berandalanlah, the main thing always leads to Negatif.Dan Image bertatoo is that most men, in addition to add Manly look so also Macho.

But this time in posting my motives Tattoo on a woman's body, the more keseksian dent body and the beauty of women

By : Wijaya

Tattoos With Beautiful Ala Fahrani

Tattoos are one of the art used decorate the body.
. Artists film star who once Radit this and Jani, Fahrani indeed be regarded women who dare to appear as a child geng. Can I? body model of this woman already has many tattoos around the body, about 20 tattoos on her body from the arm until the calf. For Fa, tattoos make her look beautiful and confident. In addition, the Fa, that's the call if it recognizes itself is afraid of the view tattoos in this body. Although many tattoos, model bid still in demand and the guy was not even menjauhinya thus interested in the Fa akan tatonya. Indeed, this girl is very fond of tattoo collection in the body. Perhaps also, can I tattoo girl looks so sexy kali yee? but it is objective sie? ehm, what according to you? section is a tattoo?

By : Wijaya

That Beautiful Face Is Now Filled Tattoos

Tattoos are part of the art. Stay aware when ditato. That is the message that should be taken when reading the cases that override the Kimberley Vlaminck, teenagers 18 years of origin Courtrai Belgium.

Case occurred the night a few days ago. Kimberley was home from a bar in the head due to drunken headache. Then drop it into a kiosk tattoos, Tattoo The Box, who managed Rouslan Toumaniantz, Romania immigrant origin.
To Rouslan, have made it three stars tattoo on the left cheek, after he agreed cost of Rp 90 ribu. When been colored, Kimberley terlelap. Know, he's too drunk to stay awake. Once completed and built, half-surprised the girl died because, not only stars that decorate the three-colored, but the 56 stars. He immediately protested.
Kimberley does not believe himself to be a face full of tattoos. "This is chilling for me. I can not leave home with a face like this, very embarrassed because I look very ugly," said Kimberley.
He was sure, the artists do not understand the desires of English and French is broken-broken. "But I speak very clearly using the French language and a little English when he looks a bit confused. I explain, I want three stars tattoo on the left temple," said Kimberley.
Rouslan clearly disprove and is sure to meet the desire of girls, that is drawing 56 stars left in the face. "When awake, she saw to the mirror. Such procedures. The problem is when the home, he be censured and the girlfriend's father," he said.
Rouslan confess anaesthetize feel accused or the menghipnotis girls. "That's just hogwash. He indeed I have 56 stars," said Rouslan.
Kimberley now want the tattoo-tattoo is through surgery and demanded Rouslan pay for the hospital to reach 8500 Pounds Sterling. Rouslan clearly reject. Rouslan refused because, he was reported to police.

Police lift the hand of any matter of that case because the case does not see it as a violation of criminal, but civil affairs. However, Rouslan now become more cautious and ask for a written statement from the client before merajah.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Tattoo reads "Coca Cola"

If you are interested decorate your body with tattoos? If you want to have any posts kanji tattoo, you should make it so that the outlets Tattoo Vince Mattingley incident does not occur. Vince Mattingley lover is one of the tattoo with the Chinese any posts. He asks for a waitress in Chinese restaurant favorite tattoos to make his name in any posts on the Chinese chest.

However, without Vince, the waitress would write any posts "Coke" on the chest Vince. Without feeling suspicious, Vince boast tattoos for 26 years. He realized a new error when he is traveling to Thailand. The Bartender asks why he has any posts "Coke" on the chest. "I think he was only kidding. But when I ask to some people, tattoos are meant Coca Cola. Waitress was definitely very satisfied mempermalukan I can," he said as dilansir newspaper The Sun. However, Vince was not cured. He intends to make another tattoo to cover the tattoo "Coke" is. "I will make the Japanese kanji characters in this time," he said lagi.Selamat try!

The History Tatoos

Tattoos are bagaian of art, language Tattoos are from Tahiti "wounded" means a sign that it seems. Although the evidence is not the history of tattoos so much, but the experts decide that the tattoo art I have this since 12,000 years BC. Antiquity tattoos for rituals such tribes as the ancient Maori, Inca, Ainu, Polynesians, etc.. According to history, the people of Egypt so that higher growth in the tattoo world. Egypt, a nation known as a strong nation that is famous, so they are against the expansion because the other nations, tattoo art is also wide-spread follow-up, to areas such as Greek, Persian, and Arabic.

What is the reason for the tribes in the ancient world to create tattoos? The ancient Greek nation tattoos as identification of members of their intelligence, aka detective at the time of war. Here the tattoos indicate the rank of detective is. different from the Roman nation, they wear tattoos as a sign that someone is coming from the slave, and Tattoos dirajahi also to any body of tahanannya. Maori tribe in New Zealand make Tattoos shaped carvings on the spiral-carved face and buttocks. According to them, this is the mark of a good offspring. In the Solomon Islands, ditorehkan Tattoos in the face of women as ritus to mark a new stage in their lives. Almost the same as above, the Nuer tribe in the Sudan to mark Tattoos ritus initiation in boys. Indian people paint and sculpt the body of their skin to add beauty or show a certain social status.

Tattoos aka Wen Shen tattoo or start merambahi taon countries around China in 2000 BC. Wen Shen perhaps meaning "body acupuncture." note, the same as the Roman nation, the ancient Chinese tattoos to signify that someone had dipenjara. Meanwhile, in China itself, there is a tattoo culture in some ethnic minoritasnya, which has been inherited by their fathers, such as ethnic Drung, Dai, and Li, but only the women who come from ethnic Li and Drung having a habit mentato face. Historical customs Drung ethnic Tattoos appear around the end of this period Kedinastian Emperor Ming (about 350 years ago), when they are attacked by a group of other ethnic groups and at the time they nab some women from ethnic Drung to serve as slaves. In order to avoid the occurrence of rape, the women are then mentato their face to make them look less attractive in the eyes of the kidnapper. Although now the women's Drung ethnic minorities is no longer in the circumstances of the assault threatened by other ethnic minorities, but they still continue to maintain these customs as a symbol of the strength of manhood. The girls from ethnic minorities face when Drung mentato people aged between 12 and 13 years as a symbol pendewasaan themselves. There are several different explanations of why women are mentato face. Some people say, that people assume women Drung ethnic bertato look more beautiful and the people Drung ethnic Adam will not marry a woman who does not have Tattoos on his face. In Indonesia, people in the Mentawai Islands Mentawai, Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, and Sumba in NTB tribe, since tattoos are relic. Even for the Dayak tribe, someone who has "decapitate" musuhnya, get a tattoo on her hand. So also with the Mentawai tribe, his tattoo is not made recklessly. Before creating a tattoo done, there's Harvest Enegaf alias initiation ceremony conducted in Puturkaf Uma (traditional house gallery Mentawai tribe). The ceremony is led by Sikerei (shaman). After the ceremony is completed, the process is conducted Tattoos.

Initially, the materials to make Tattoos are from the shell charcoal, mixed with sugar cane water. Tools used are very traditional. Such as wood handles, needle and hammer from the trunk. Rural people still use manual techniques and traditional materials. Eskimo people, for example, using needles made from animal bones. In the Shaolin temples using a heated copper gentong to print pictures dragon tattoo on the skin tubih. Shaolin disciples who were deemed eligible to get a symbol that, by attaching a second arm them on the kind of printing images of the dragon on both sides of the copper heat gentong it. Far different from now. At this time, especially among the urban community, making Tattoos done with electric engine. This machine is found in the year 1891 in the UK.

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The Tattoo Art

Tattoos are bagaian of art, now dizaman many artists wear sexy body tattoo for garnish. Moreover, in the western world. When you walk in any mall, there are certainly some people who wear berseliweran tattoo. Not only the style of the young punk, but also adults who are usually strong and well-gempal.

Shape and size of tattoo is very diverse. There is a large, there is a small. Can be in various places in the body., From the arms, legs, chest or neck up. There is also doing a tattoo on the brow, above the eyes or lips forming a line, as a permanent cosmetics.


In history, some of the ways to make the tattoo done. In North and South America, Indian tribes mentattoo way rasp their skin. Some California tribes in the United States, enter the coloring on the scratches are made in the skin. Some tribes in the Arctic, Subarctic, Eastern Siberia, entering through the color pigment injection needle. In Polynesia and Micronesia, pigment is inserted through the skin puncture to be in the form of plaster. Maori tribe in New Zaeland, bertattoo preserve the property that the tribe after they died, and stored as a family treasure. They can memperdagangkannya with weapons and iron tools. This then lead to trade wars and political problems. And therefore prohibited, and the head of the property bertattoo chieftain now only kept in museums in Europe.

Tattoo is permanent, is made in a way to enter the ink in the skin. Ink entered with a small needle is held by the creator of the tattoo. Needle entered the skin is driven out of several hundred times per minute and penetrate the skin about 1 mm.

Tattoos On The Mystery Butt Danica Patrick

Do you know the racer Danica indy? Indy racer Danica Patrick can honor appear on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. They really arouse. However, there is also a mystery concerning the photos newest section. What? Matter of the tattoo above bokongnya.

Appear in the magazine section and pose challenges, not the actual candidates this time dilakoni that Formula 1 drivers. Previously, Danica Patrick was also decorate magazine FHM. There, he appears with the same lack of costumes, some parts of the body showed that during the time there are only so many people in the shadows.

One of them, so the tattoo. In the lower back, Danica Patrick has a small tattoo. Motifnya, the United States flag.

A form of nationalism? For Sports Illustrated, no. Tattoos on the back of the magazine is considered as a cheap woman omen. Thus, it is visible when Danica Patrick appears in the swimsuit edition: no tattoos.

So, guess which is then displayed: Sports Illustrated with photoshop to manipulate the tattoo Danica Patrick. Manipulation was also strengthened with the appearance of the section is that much more hot rather than before. The same was done when my boyfriend pete Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker to appear in a calendar.

Posenya see the sensual, we will not presume that Danica Patrick is a racer. Fact that Patrick was 26 years have proved that sport is full of risk not only of male domination. That dibuktikannya with race wins Indy Japan 300 race some time ago. Top of success, Patrick recorded history as the first woman to win the race.

Patrick completed the 200 lap along the 1.52 miles in the Twin Ring Motegi in one hour 02.6739 minutes. He surpass Brazil Hélio Castroneves home in second place and New Zealand drivers, Scott Dixon, in the third position. "I know my strategy together with Helio (Castroneves). When I was passing him, I do not believe it. This is incredible," Patrick said at that time.

Malang Tattoo Community

Many people at the time of assessing the person wearing the tattoo is a criminal and drug user, but the modern era like now is a regular tattoo. Tattoos certainly hears the name of imagination digiring directly with the images that are in some parts of the body. Some agencies also all decorated with ink paintings ditusuk a needle or a temporary. In fact, now the color according to taste. If pesanannya rose tattoo, the black and red combination. But if the dragon image is selected, then the dominant color green.

In the city of Malang, it is not difficult to find the tattoo studio. Because there are some who became central Plaza of making tattoos. Just a Malang Plaza, Plaza Gajahmada, Ramayana, and Matos. If reluctant to go to shopping malls because of many visitors, the home is also a lot of tattoos in the city of Malang.

Especially in the area of Sukun, Dinoyo, and Landungsari. Concerning the quality, the taste and depend on the assessment. A clear, tattoo artists in the Plaza and the village joined in the majority of MTC. Typically, workers run the tattoo art of this business to open a special booth body piercing or piercing art. "Initially I only departure from the hobby ago to open the home-business," said Gatot Listiono, one of the members of the MTC has a booth labeled Indie tattoo Tattoo in Gajahmada Plasa this since 2000.

Because the only hobby, Gatot no formal study to know the specifics tattoo. All knowledge gained in self-taught tattoo. Either from reading magazines, direct view of making tattoo, and the Internet. "I wrestle with a long tattoo in Bali and Yogyakarta," he said.

For Gatot, menekuni tattoo art not only on skills menorehkan ink. But more than that. Especially in the case of sanitation equipment tattoo. For permanent tattoos, needles should be used once. So also with the ink that once sedot. Including, gloves and cotton-use. "The key is higienitas. Not just clean but sterile," explained male native Malang this.

Moreover, in order to maintain the quality and consumer health, Gatot and other tattoo artists in the city of Malang, real big fish capital. For ink, for example. Can not use any ink. In fact, the ink is always used Gatot products imported from the United States and Australia reached the price of hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

Once a message via the internet plus postage and ink can the price of Rp 200 thousand - Rp 500 thousand per 10 cc. Needle being used is the type of needle Akupuntur. "For all completely sterile, including the use of ink that once tuang, the rate of making permanent tattoos can be five times of temporary tattoo that is only Rp 10 thousand per image," he said.

Dany Prahastanto, MTC decipher the communication, this community is officially a new form 2005-2006 then. Terbentuknya community than mewadahi young people at a time penggila tattoo facilitate communication and coordination of tattoo artists. "Before the MTC form, many workers moved tattoo art itself," said Dany, found in the stan Bad Boy Tattoo, also in Gajahmada Plaza.

Tattoos, Obor Go Natural immortality

Tattoos are Bagaian of art, modern dizaman as many people now decorate her body with tattoos. As the famous soccer player perfeksionis, no need to wonder if the distance is not a barrier for him to tattoo artists, Alecs koo, the lion of that.
Although the result of the ancient civilization of the world, origin unknown tattoo itself until now. Some have already mentioned the tattoos in Egypt before the year 1300 BC. The practice of making tattoos are also found in the former grave in Siberia, comes from the year 300 BC. When Julius Caesar invade England in 54 BC, he also reported that the natives there bertato.
In terms of the term, taken from the tattoo Tahiti wounded, which means "to signify something." Word is then absorbed into the English language to the tattoo - as recorded in the first year ekspidisi James Cook in 1769.
Use of tattoos done in almost all over the world since first. Some of them consider tattoos as a magical power of prophylactic disease or bad luck, as the other identity, a member of the group, social status and degree of users. For some of the Dayak people, tattoos can be a "torch" in a natural way to eternity after death.
In history, tattoos have tidal. As a cultural phenomena that are associated with the traditional customs and rituals, tattoos now become a trendy pop culture. In Europe alone had forbidden tattoo when Christianity came. However, over time, and in the tattoo-"found" again when the European exploration fever and they start dealing with the Indian and Polynesian people in the century to about 18 and 19. However, at that time the tattoo in European and United States is limited to the perpetrators of criminal, traders, members of the army (mainly on duty in foreign countries), or people in the show the night market or circus.
In Indonesia also had a bad tattoo stigma in the 1980s, when the mysterious shooting victim linked to the perpetrators of the crime generally bertato. Tattoos and criminality are adjacent. In the 19th century, for example, prisoners of the United States has been free, the British army desertion, and the prisoners in the prison Siberia, all marked with a tattoo. Similarly the prisoners in Nazi concentration camps.
New pengujung the 19th century, began to tattoo a little tune, by both men and women in the community over the UK. However, due to the negative health effects, tattoos have disastrous such as skin cancer. Not surprisingly, the government of New York in 1961 prohibits the making of tattoos, because the equipment tercemar distribution of hepatitis disease.
Before ditemuan metal needle, creating a first tattoo done by a piercer or spine bones that diruncingkan, using a natural coloring agent, such as resin, leaves, water, sugar cane, animal fat, and so forth. In the modern era, creating a tattoo with electricity, first performed in the United States, which was then patented in 1891. United States surefire ago was the center of the tattoo design effect.

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Hobbies, Love, and Asa Beckham in Tattoos

This modern Dizaman many people use tattoos ditato even when there is pain. "The easement in the back pain when ditato," said David Beckham at any time.
Therefore, the more the longer he has many tattoos on her body. But not only that her body to make. Many of the meanings in it, to the LA Galaxy star is really like with the body painting.

In addition to the football field, former Manchester United star Real Madrid and want to express this himself, hopes, love, and ideas in the tattoo-idea. So, she was happy, even every day I still think tattoos are more tanamkan want him in the body.

Many tattoos on his hands, the back of the neck, the top of the spine, wrist, also the bottom of the spine. All the meaning of ideas, hope and love.

"All tatoku about the people who really means in my life. That is, his wife and daughters. When meeting with, you will see the tattoo-tattoo on my body. You will see the expression on perasaanku Vitoria and sons. I have a feeling like that his wife and son stay with me, although I am currently away from home. Thus, their presence not only in the heart "he said in otobiografinya, 'David Beckham: My Side'.

Back up there in the name of his sons (Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz) who, along with pictures angels guard. In the back of the neck, he mentato holy image Satria cruciate winged.

While in the biceps lengannya have pictures of the fun their children. The winged fairy holding torch and nearby there are any posts, "Let them membenciku origin of their fear to me." Do not know, what is the word "them".

Now, many have tattoos on Beckham's body. Hands right now is full of tattoos. But, Beckham would not stop. Mentato still want the body that are still empty. The first projection is a right arm still looks empty.

"Beckham is still leaving room on the right arm to the children who will be born soon," said Victoria, a member of the group Spice Girls.

So, Beckham and Victoria already have three children berrencana will still have more children? "Yes, Beckham is still a child ask me. I had was refused, but eventually fail as well. Know when," said Victoria.

According to Beckham, he has ideas for the body since mentato small. It was inspired by tattoo-tattoo on the body of his father.

"While still small, I see my father have three tattoos. Since then, I have the idea to create a tattoo on my body a day later," I Beckham.

"The idea that the mendesakku, when children pertamaku, Brooklyn, was born. I then spoke with Mel B (Spice Girls other members) and her husband Jimmy Gulzar. Then, talking about the tattoo theme was developed. I said to Jimmy, who mentato body, "said Beckham.

Beckham also find Louis Molloy, a renowned tattoo artist. Since then, most of the tattoo on Beckham's body is created by Molloy.

Not only Beckham, Victoria was eventually join-follow-up mentato body. Molloy also did so. There are five stars tattoo above (sorry) Victoria buttocks. The five stars that represent David, Victoria, and three sons. While in the circle hands ditato initials David Beckham.

Soal Beckham tattoo is so much that, Victoria was not asking if the image as a world star. Victoria worries grow, when Beckham will move to the United States to strengthen the LA Galaxy. For, in the U.S. pencitraan very important.

Tattoos Booming In China

During thousands of years old, identical with the tattoo community in China. Symbols, Chinese characters and any posts to be their favorite choice to give marks in some parts of the body. However, who suspected, the option has now shifted. Chinese citizens now choose exactly the tattoo reads Inggris.Dulu It is in regard to the wounded is taboo, but now become a trend in tattoos Chinese community.

"Currently, about 30 to 40 percent of our customers choose the tattoo in the English language. This happens in sudden, started early this year. "Said Zhang Aiping, a penato in Shanghai.

Even a few days ago that he had menato a soccer player in the club Shanghai Shenhua. The ditorehkan in the body says "I miss u forever" aka me nostalgic for you.

Although the tattoo taboo is expressed under the authority of the Communist Party, but during the last five years, salon, tattoo parlor pop start again. They operate in the area under the 'gray'. Many clients tattoo inspired soccer player David Beckham as a foreign or American basketball players.

"Tattoos in the English language more special, trendy, and the stronger personality. Unlike the Chinese characters that usually have a depth of meaning. English can be used as an acronym, so keep secret awake. Others can only guess what has been written in the hand or the other members of the body, "said Yang Enna, a television producer in Shanghai.

The Native American Symbol Tattoo

Tattoos are art, many people use tattoos to look more to its body Beautiful.No have nothing hotter than an awesome tattoo of a fantastic body! Tattoos that are placed well and appeal to the eye tends to collect a lot of attention to themselves and the people wearing them. Thus, the tattoo is completely new! However, although do tattoos as fashion statements certain, there are more than those who only!

Tattoos are art ancient civilization of ancient heritage, in which the symbolism behind the tattoo and the user is always more valued than beauty. Tattoos are also used to indicate rank in the tribe. Individual signs of different tribes so that the use of tattoos as a sign of identification. Sometimes, if a greater power or wisdom that you'd like, said to have tattoos do the trick!

Unlike the hygienic tattoo parlors to this day, Native American tattooing is done in the open, using the fish and turtle bones sharp, or even as a rock slivers needle to etch a tattoo in the skin. Unlike the current trends, Native American tattoos are dyed with natural dyes from plants or soot. Without anesthetic, and stroke each of the meat-cutting tools that lead to major bouts of pain, Native American tattoos are more on the means, the resistance sick. With a larger tattoo, the more the pain, and thus, the greater respect in the tribe.

Native American tattoo done by some tribe of men, who have been trained in the art of tattoo design. During the 'period, tattoos can be done to cover the entire body, depending on one's ability to bear the suffering! In the modern world, many people who want to ink in the tattoos of Native American identification marks of their tribe. Also, there are many who admire Native American culture, and therefore choose to acquire.

Think Before You MakeTwo Tattoo

Tattoos are part of the art, diamerika the tattoo taboo is not the case, estimated that one out of seven in the United States have a tattoo, most of them declare freedom, faith, style, or love for someone or something.

But remember: it easier to change your mind than your tattoo.
According to Dr. Roy Geronemus, most people make the decision to make the tattoo is driven by ideas without thinking through long-term. Therefore, not surprisingly many of them try to remove them. According to The Skin Surgery United States, during the years 2001 until 2003 with the disposal procedures with laser tattoo rose 27 percent.

Remove the tattoo is "very difficult, in some cases require more time and cost, depending on the type of tattoo," warned Geronemus, he is the Chairman of the Laser Medicine and Surgery and director of the Center for American Laser & Skin Surgery New York City in New York. Geronemus is also a member of The American Skin Surgery.

If you really need to have the tattoo, he said, there are several things to consider before. "The most important consideration for personal safety is in place mentato choose. Make sure the company has reputable tattoo and provides a sterile technique in the use of ink, "Geronemus said.

This means ensuring that the needle used is sterile - never used on other people - artists and tattoos do not conduct "immersion doble" - to immerse the needle in the ink bottles are usually used on more than one patient.

"He reported the existence of links between immersion doble with hepatitis and this is indeed the cause closure tattoo parlor in the City of New York in the 1960s," Geronemus told Reuters Helth. "Now there are reports of hepatitis C in relation to the placement of tattoos and that the disease can menjurus to decrease the body resistance."

Search tattoo need to know that "very little regulation" that set the tattoo. "FDA (United States Dirjen POM) does not emphasize the rules regarding what pigment is safe and can be used on the skin," Geronemus warned. A good idea to think of the future when creating the tattoo. Many employers who do not like tattoos that are visible in the workplace, so think small and can be hidden when creating the tattoo, he said.

Still did not want to spend the tattoo "I love Jill"? Then Geronemus have the advice of others. "Consider the color of ink that will be used on your skin. Many people do not consider the fact that one day they may want to remove them and the best way to remove tattoos is if the tattoo is black, "he said.

The United States Ink Tattoos

Tattoos are bagaian's body tattoo seni.Seni this, it seems that it is not considered taboo anymore at this time. The art decorate the body with the desired color choice is already a trend in the community.

Not only the adam, but the woman also has many tattoos on her body makes. This is what the manager was Gego-Lino Tatto and Painting, Rifan time to visit the ground floor of the Forum Mall, Batuaji yesterday.

According Rifan, Gego-Lino and Tattoo Painting provides many options motif tattoo image or desired according to the tastes of each consumer, the image will also be made with as well as possible, both in the vicinity of the hands, feet, spine and other body parts. "We received a tattoo of making, starting from a small tattoo, the tattoo to the making of the body," said Rifan.

In general, light Rifan, there are three tattoo patterns which can be selected in the consumer-Gego Lino Painting and Tattoo. There are abstract patterns, ie, with the tattoo-picture bambar the abstract. Tribal motifs form of black lines. Yakuza and motifs, the motif Mafia tattoo in Japan is identical with the tattoo.

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In Value Tattoo Society Kenyah

Since the era of berzaman, Kenyah people familiar with art and motives woodcut, manik, and so forth. Kenyah community beratkan drip is also very beautiful and self-adornment. Not hairanlah culture bertindik and bertattoo existed in the culture of the Kenyah since long.

Tattoo who decorate their bodies are not simply decoration or so that the users want jaguh but considered himself, Kenyah community for tattoo has a meaning that is very deep. Tattoo community for ethnic Kenyah is part of tradition, religion, social status in a community, and is considered a form of ethnic pengargaan ability to someone. Because the tattoo may not be made while lewa. There are certain rules in making the tattoo or "betik", samada picture selection, social structure of the tattoo in placement or tattoonya. However, the tattoo has a meaning of religion as a "torch" in the way someone in the natural immortality after death.

The more tattoo, "torch" will be light and natural way to eternity the field. However, creating a tattoo may not be made sebanyaknya the like-like, because the need to comply with the rules - rules customary. Each sub-Kenyah tribes have different rules in making the tattoo.

Type Tattoo also reserved to the class-specific. Among the Kenyah community, the common motif for the nobleman (paren) are the hornbills of endemic birds that dikeramatkan Kalimantan. Kebanyakkan a common motif for the Kenyah in Sarawak is also a human face patterns that have been forbidden to be used by the community penyen (the bottom). Group panyen also may only use motif vegetation and animal animal-land and air. However, there are some patterns that they can not use the motif Lencau (tiger) and hornbills. Motif both animal is they may only be used as a high (noble).

If the tattoo for men is associated with an award or honor, to women when making tattoo more motivated religious / spiritual. Making tattoo on the hands and feet can be trusted menghidar influence of evil spirits, and always be in the shelter of the earth.

In the Kenyah tribe, tattoo made on diusia women 16 years or after the first period. For the making of tattoo for women, is done with the customary ceremonies in a special home / lepubung down (save the rice). During the making of tattoo, all youth should not be out of the house. Besides, the whole family is also required to undergo a variety of taboo to avoid disaster for the women who are ditattoo.

Motif tattoo for women, such as more limited picture of black nails (nails fern), which is located around the finger joint called the song irang or bamboo shoots. As for the cross on the back of the book is called finger ikor. Tattoo in the wrist called the tiger face image silong lejau or silong kelunan (may only be used by the women's superior / noble).

There is also a tattoo that is made in the thigh. Kenyah women have tattoos on the thigh high social status and are usually equipped bracelet (buleng) at the bottom of the calf.

Motif tattoo on the thigh are usually also like silong lejau or silong kelunan. Perbezaannya with a tattoo on the hand, there are transverse to the calf, called nang klinge. Tattoo is very rarely found in the knee. However there is also the tattoo on the knee in men and women, who usually made at the end of the tattoo in the making of the body. Tattoo made on the knee and calf to the circle to the snake-like, actual dog imitation or called tuang buvong ASU.

Both the tattoo on the man or woman, is made using traditional tenon orange for a long and slow-slow and use some of the needles at once. That does not change is the creation of the tattoo usually use the smoke from the pot black.

Subsuku for the other, the tattoo is associated with the tradition menganyau or decapitate the enemy in a war. This tradition is already tens of years is not done anymore, but used the more mengayau, tatonya motif is more special and unique. Tattoos for the daredevil in this battleground, usually in place at the right shoulder. But on the other subsuku, placed in the left arm if keberaniannya "normal" and in the right arm, if courage and keperkasaannya in the battle field is very unusual.

Karana, the tattoos are made colorful, there are green, yellow and red, surely not the traditional tattoos that contain tinggi.Tattoo meaning filososfis the colors that made the youth masakini, only tattoo decoration that does not have any meaning. Image and the placement is done recklessly and like-like.

Tattoos Are My Heart

Although times have changed, the meaning and essence original dayak culture can not be replaced by other things.

Make a tattoo is a sacred ritual that has religious significance for the dayak people. Tattoos are for person identity dayak at that time. If there are people that are not in dayak tattoos, he has not considered and not the identity received in the dayak community.

That is the understanding of those dayak at that time. Whether the dayak people only stop until there akan tattoo meaning ..? I think not.

Let us return to the essence .. Origin of the beginning .. Essence has long been planted by the ancestors dayak people. Therefore Kaharingan. Shoot into the origin of life guide children dayak.

tattoo as a symbol of identity of so-so "lost" or adapt to the development of the age. However, the meaning of life sejatinya dayak people should not be lost or replaced by another.

Is the meaning of tattoos for your sincere? Let the meaning of that realized in daily life ..

But for me the meaning of tattoo are:

1. Brave and strong. Dare to do the right thing, the wrong thing to learn the truth. Do not despair. As a brave warrior in the battlefield.

2. Luhur courteous and ethical. Dare to recognize that right and wrong is right is wrong. Will not be doing as opposed to the conscience. Dignity in the act.

3. Wide level like hornbills fly freely across the cultural horizon and knowledge of the world.

4. Protect yourself from things that are not useful as it protects the owner of the tattoo interference evil spirits.

5. and many more ....

That is the meaning of my tattoo

The meaning of tattoos by a grandmother who taught me moyangku for warisi.

Meaning of Tattoos Community Dayak

Tattoos are bagaian from seni.Do Not surprised if people go to villages and meet with the Dayak elders who decorated the various tattoo beautiful in some parts of the body. Tattoos decorate the body they are not just decoration, especially that blade is considered. However, the tattoo for the Dayak people have a very deep meaning.

Tattoos for the Dayak ethnic communities are part of the tradition, religion, social status of someone in the community, and can also form as a tribute to the ability of a tribe. Therefore, the tattoo can not be made carelessly.

There are certain rules in making the tattoo or Parung, good choice of pictures, the social structure of the ditato and placement tatonya. However, the tattoos have a religious meaning in the Dayak community, namely as a "torch" in the journey toward a natural immortality after death.

Therefore, more and more tattoos, "torch" will be light and natural way to eternity the field. However, still only making tattoos can not be made as much as possible in municipal waste, because it must comply with the rules of custom.

"Each sub-tribe of Dayaks have different rules in making tattoos. In fact, there are also sub-tribe Dayak tradition does not recognize the tattoos," says Mering Ngo, citizen Dayak tribe anthropologist who is also a graduate of the University of Indonesia.

For the Dayak tribes who lived in Sarawak border Kalimantan and Malaysia, for example, a tattoo around the fingers of the tribe indicates that benevolent treatment as experts. The more tattoos on the hands, showed him the more and more experts to help in treatment.

For the community and the Dayak Kenyah Dayak Kayan in East Kalimantan, many people describe the tattoo is often roam. Since each village has a different motif tattoo, the tattoo signifies the owner has visited many villages.

Do not imagine the village is only a few kilometers. In Kalimantan, antarkampung distance can be hundreds and even thousands of kilometers, and the boat must be using the river more than a month!

"Therefore, an award given to the immigrants in the form of a tattoo," said Chairman II Persekutuan Dayak Kalimantan Timur (PDKT), Yacobus Bayau Lung.

Tattoos can also be given to the nobleman. Among the Dayak Kenyah people, a common motif for the nobleman (paren) are the hornbills of endemic birds that dikeramatkan Kalimantan.

As for the Dayak Iban, the tribe and its descendants with the motif ditato "top of the world" or something that lives in the air. In addition motifnya selected, how to manufacture tattoo nobility usually more subtle detail and compared to the middle-tattoo (panyen).

Subsuku for the other, the tattoo is associated with the tradition mengayau or decapitate the enemy in a war. This tradition is already tens of years is not done anymore, but used the more mengayau, tatonya motif is more special and unique.

Tattoos for the daredevil in this battleground, usually placed in the right shoulder. But on the other subsuku, placed in the left arm if keberaniannya "normal", and in the right arm, if courage and keperkasaannya in the battle field is very unusual.

"The tattoo is associated with this mengayau, used as a form of tribute and homage to the tribe of people who brave and meritorious," said Simon Devung, an expert from the Central Dayak for Social Forestry (CSF) Mulawarman University Samarinda.

Tattoos or Parung or betik not only for men but also women. For men, tattoos can be made in any part of the body, while the female is usually only on the feet and hands.

If the male is associated with a tattoo of an award or honor, making the women more motivated religious tattoo.

"The making of tattoos on the hands and feet can be protected from the influence of evil spirits, and always be in the shelter of the earth," said Yacobus Bayau Lung.

At a certain subsuku, making tattoos also associated with women's self, so that the technical term tedak kayaan, which means that women do not bertato considered lower in rank than the bertato. However, views such as this only applies in a small subsuku Dayak.

In the Dayak Kayan tribe, there are three kinds of tattoos that are usually in the women's clothing, among other tedak kassa, ie covers the whole foot and after the adult. Tedak usuu, tattoos are made on all hands and tedak hapii on the entire thigh.

Meanwhile, in the Dayak Kenyah tribe, making tattoos on women starting at age 16 years or after the first period. For tattoos for women, is done with the customary ceremonies in a special home. During the making of tattoos, all men should not be out of the house. Besides, the whole family is also required to undergo a variety of taboo to avoid disaster for the women who are ditato and their families.

Motif tattoo for women, more limited, such as drawing a picture that is black around the finger joint called the song irang or bamboo shoots. As for the cross on the back of the book is called finger ikor. Tattoos on the wrist called the tiger face image silong lejau.

There is also a tattoo that is made in the thigh. Dayak women have a tattoo on the thigh high social status and are usually equipped at the bottom of the ring shank.

Motif tattoo on the thigh are usually also like silong lejau. The difference with the tattoo on the hand, there are transverse to the calf, called nang klinge.

Tattoos are very rarely found in the knee. However there is also the tattoo on the knee in men and women, who usually made at the end of making tattoos in the body. Tattoos are made on the knee and calf to the circle to the snake-like, actual dog imitation or called tuang buvong ASU.

Tattoos on both men and women, traditionally made to use the orange spine long and slow-slow and use some of the needles at once. That does not change is the creation of the tattoo usually use the smoke from the pot black.

Tattoos Is An Ancient Tradition Or Symbols Symbols of Modern

Hear the word tattoo, various associations, appear in our mind. There are associate with the sea, there's also imagine that the world is loaded with tribal ethnic motifs full of meaning, and not infrequently the gum with the tattoo or the civilian criminal and sign an exclusive group or geng.Untuk case that even this last opportunity to be the case outside common in the 1980s, namely that the action "Peter" aka mysterious shooter. Victims of Om's say Peter is the man who has a tattoo on tubuhnya.Tak surefire time that many owners belingsatan tattoo so afraid because so berikutnya.Yang target Om Peter terlanjur many who have tattoos and do not try to eliminate and even less experience in the disability tubuhnya.Yang new intention I have, suddenly torn remove far these ideas.

Create the size of young people nowadays, tattoo seems to be something that fungkeh, especially when more and more celebrities are busy busy-join mengguratkan tattoos on her body either permanent or temporary. Kiosks which provide services to body piercing and tattoos in the entire merebak any major city around the world, especially cities close to the centers komonitas tribal. A course or more precisely Bali Kuta or Sanur, close to its community-Sasak Lombok; Serawak Kuching in a community near the Dayaks; Melbourne-Sidney is close to the Aboriginal community. In addition, cities such as New York metropolis, London is due to the strength of the documentation also sell tattoo motives of both environmental tribes in the Pacific and Root Anglo-Saxon, such as Viking.

For some of the young city, tattoo is like an exotic veil that can send itself to the world kemistikan a bran berantah a gate or entrance to the ancient world.Imej a tattoo on the reference literature akan symbols a more dapatmerepresentasikan life, death, the value -value a relationship as a runaway process as well as resistance from the symbols and manners kemapanan the figures are presented in the old bureaucracy, the state apparatus and the more business that day is considered as the causal reality of the terkikis ini.Tato became a symbol representation personal.Liat is the only member of Red Hot Chili Pappers who fulfilled all the body tattoos. Moreover, "the star field" Anthony Kiedis of the 1990s was beginning to ngebela-belain Kalimantan Sadap precisely to the Village, where the length of Rumah Dayak Iban community, diperbatasan Betung Keriung National Park, West Kalimantan border and get a tattoo for Serawak tribal motif with Dayak traditional style of treatment.

Kalimantan to this noted as one of the region in the world that still practice the tattoos, a tradition that took place since many centuries ago. Kemasyuran Dayak tattoo itself known in the western world since the late 19th century, where many start to describe your publication
Dayak community life as a native of the island of Kalimantan, the third largest island in the world after Greenland and Papua. In the year 1912, Charles Hose and William MacDougall published bukuThe Pagan Tribe of Borneo, which is counted as one of the classic reference on the book of life tribal.Dalam Hose and Dougall load record their trip to Kalimantan to explain that the information obtained directly from the first hand, including many decorative tattoo fad.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo

Tattooing was an important aspect of the Hawaiian culture, just like anywhere on the Polynesian islands. The Hawaiians even have tattoo gods and each time a member of the community gets a tattoo, prayers had to be done in the temple.

Hawaiian tribal tattoo art, known as Kakau, has been practiced for thousands of years and for a variety of purposes:

  • Personal identification: unlike other Polynesian tattoo styles, Hawaiian tattoos are used for personal identification (instead of ceremonial purposes).
  • Talisman: tattoos were believed to offer protection.
  • As a symbol of mourning for a loved one.
  • Adornment

The Hawaiian tribal tattoos were mostly black, the tattoo ink was made of a mixture of kukui nuts and sugarcane juice.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bali tattoos

Many people fill the leisure time with roads kebali.Jika you pay a visit to Bali, this is if you book an appointment at the time the front end of your holiday so as not to reveal a fresh tattoo to Sunday, surfing and chlorinated water, all I can to the process of healing and can actually damage the skin (and tattoos) are permanent. You do not need to have sun burnt skin when getting tattooed and it is best to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol before your visit, as this can thin the blood and it is difficult to insert ink into the skin due to excess blood.

Try to take the heat from easy for 24 hours after application so that minimize heat as this can also "bleed" the new tattoo from your skin. We make a full answer to the tattoo but available to you and take after-treatment, for the tattoo to heal properly.

Do not hesitate to ask us about any concerns you may have, and rest assured that you are in safe hands.

National Tattoo Art Festival 2004

Centers of trade goods cheaper in Dezon Building, Jl. Asia-Africa Bandung, Minggu (6 / 6) afternoon dibanjiri fitter of 34 professional tattoo studio tattoo of some big cities in Indonesia.
Arrival of the carpenters tattoo in order to follow the event "National Tattoo Art Festival 2004" held Kent Tattoo Piercing Indonesia with neurotic Clothes Co.. In this opportunity, to show their attraction rare, unique, and adorable.
Festival itupun display various competitions, such as the best selection of tattoo pictures, tattoos terbanyak election, race and studio tattoo tattoo covering most image selection, the selection kerapihan best tattoo and tattoo best selection speed. Peak marked with the title of this demo is a man by ditato nine tattoos professional fitter.
Degree National Tattoo Festival in 2004 which began at around 11.00 WIB this afternoon, not only get a rousing welcome visitors from Jakarta and its surroundings, but also from kru tattoo studio that came from some big cities in Indonesia. Events pembukaannya also quite interesting, accompanied with the collaboration of contemporary music and sound natural wie 57.
In the event that guided kwartet ngocol, such as Niko, Satria, Ryan, and Ucie, which act as the jury is that they berpostur high and large bertato. They are Wawan Gunawan, Agustinus Outnel, Toni and Kiki.
Competition involving tukang tattoo from a professional tattoo studio in Indonesia that was attended Dolphin Tattoo (Bali), Demon Tattoo (Bali), Radjah Skin Design (Surabaya), Kill Cat Tattoo Body Piercing & Art Studio (Yogya), Toxic Tattoo (Yogya ), Eternity Tattoo Parlor (Yogyakarta), Java Tattoo Club (Yogya), Sonnee Tattoo (Semarang), Eternity Tattoo (Magelang), and Awang Tattoo (Semarang).
Furthermore, the Gauls Tattoo (Palembang), legalize Tattoo (Bogor), Lucky Tattoo (Bandung), Wandy Tattoo (Bandung), Konselir Tattoo (Bandung), Deep Blue Tattoo (Bandung), Yure Tattoo (Bandung), Kurnia Tattoo (Bandung) , Circle Tattoo (Bandung), Vim Tattoo (Jakarta), Bucks Buks (Jakarta), and Aliung Tattoo (Jakarta).
Kemeriahan event is visible when a man, a member of Kent Tattoo Piercing Indonesia, Boy ditato by nine professional craftsman tattoo for approximately one hour. Terrible, Boy is not visible in pain.