Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tattoos, Obor Go Natural immortality

Tattoos are Bagaian of art, modern dizaman as many people now decorate her body with tattoos. As the famous soccer player perfeksionis, no need to wonder if the distance is not a barrier for him to tattoo artists, Alecs koo, the lion of that.
Although the result of the ancient civilization of the world, origin unknown tattoo itself until now. Some have already mentioned the tattoos in Egypt before the year 1300 BC. The practice of making tattoos are also found in the former grave in Siberia, comes from the year 300 BC. When Julius Caesar invade England in 54 BC, he also reported that the natives there bertato.
In terms of the term, taken from the tattoo Tahiti wounded, which means "to signify something." Word is then absorbed into the English language to the tattoo - as recorded in the first year ekspidisi James Cook in 1769.
Use of tattoos done in almost all over the world since first. Some of them consider tattoos as a magical power of prophylactic disease or bad luck, as the other identity, a member of the group, social status and degree of users. For some of the Dayak people, tattoos can be a "torch" in a natural way to eternity after death.
In history, tattoos have tidal. As a cultural phenomena that are associated with the traditional customs and rituals, tattoos now become a trendy pop culture. In Europe alone had forbidden tattoo when Christianity came. However, over time, and in the tattoo-"found" again when the European exploration fever and they start dealing with the Indian and Polynesian people in the century to about 18 and 19. However, at that time the tattoo in European and United States is limited to the perpetrators of criminal, traders, members of the army (mainly on duty in foreign countries), or people in the show the night market or circus.
In Indonesia also had a bad tattoo stigma in the 1980s, when the mysterious shooting victim linked to the perpetrators of the crime generally bertato. Tattoos and criminality are adjacent. In the 19th century, for example, prisoners of the United States has been free, the British army desertion, and the prisoners in the prison Siberia, all marked with a tattoo. Similarly the prisoners in Nazi concentration camps.
New pengujung the 19th century, began to tattoo a little tune, by both men and women in the community over the UK. However, due to the negative health effects, tattoos have disastrous such as skin cancer. Not surprisingly, the government of New York in 1961 prohibits the making of tattoos, because the equipment tercemar distribution of hepatitis disease.
Before ditemuan metal needle, creating a first tattoo done by a piercer or spine bones that diruncingkan, using a natural coloring agent, such as resin, leaves, water, sugar cane, animal fat, and so forth. In the modern era, creating a tattoo with electricity, first performed in the United States, which was then patented in 1891. United States surefire ago was the center of the tattoo design effect.

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