Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tattoos On The Mystery Butt Danica Patrick

Do you know the racer Danica indy? Indy racer Danica Patrick can honor appear on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. They really arouse. However, there is also a mystery concerning the photos newest section. What? Matter of the tattoo above bokongnya.

Appear in the magazine section and pose challenges, not the actual candidates this time dilakoni that Formula 1 drivers. Previously, Danica Patrick was also decorate magazine FHM. There, he appears with the same lack of costumes, some parts of the body showed that during the time there are only so many people in the shadows.

One of them, so the tattoo. In the lower back, Danica Patrick has a small tattoo. Motifnya, the United States flag.

A form of nationalism? For Sports Illustrated, no. Tattoos on the back of the magazine is considered as a cheap woman omen. Thus, it is visible when Danica Patrick appears in the swimsuit edition: no tattoos.

So, guess which is then displayed: Sports Illustrated with photoshop to manipulate the tattoo Danica Patrick. Manipulation was also strengthened with the appearance of the section is that much more hot rather than before. The same was done when my boyfriend pete Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker to appear in a calendar.

Posenya see the sensual, we will not presume that Danica Patrick is a racer. Fact that Patrick was 26 years have proved that sport is full of risk not only of male domination. That dibuktikannya with race wins Indy Japan 300 race some time ago. Top of success, Patrick recorded history as the first woman to win the race.

Patrick completed the 200 lap along the 1.52 miles in the Twin Ring Motegi in one hour 02.6739 minutes. He surpass Brazil Hélio Castroneves home in second place and New Zealand drivers, Scott Dixon, in the third position. "I know my strategy together with Helio (Castroneves). When I was passing him, I do not believe it. This is incredible," Patrick said at that time.

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