Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Exotic Dragon Tattoos

She was only a glimpse ago contemplate separate huddle disappear. Out of the huddle with heads bowed to partially cover the face hair fall. Meanwhile, a pair of legs move immediately cross the road, stop at the edge, off the public. He looks worried, in a hurry. Occasionally he lift up their hands in the eye brow dispel sunlight. However, it remains just can not hide the color of face pale as the white-out ditampar.Belum have common vehicle through which to make the girls more anxious, bite lips. Many times it look yellow gold watch in his hand with a feeling of sorts. Then walk up and down her body while occasionally shove kebahu way up the road opposite direction to ensure whether there is a vehicle that appears from the general curve in the road nun there. But he was always disappointed because in addition to wine-arakkan women with the humped-back terbungkuk full burden to the market, bicycle onthel with vegetable cart, a vehicle waiting public that he is also not aware tampak.Meski thinking this morning that there is no public roads that pass in front of it is very moronic mind, but somehow I secretly thought such melesak also coconut shell in her head. Make a pore-pore face skin stretch leak clear fluid makes it extra-busy must wipe it down with the feeling nervous and trembling hands. Make a sound of gulp more heart flutter. Yes. It may be that the driver transportation strike this morning because of the amount of deposit that the longer it is stifling the neck, not comparable with the rates charged for its passengers. Or, who knows the transportation fleet skipper suddenly go bankrupt, sell all armadanya ago as a graduate professional skipper rice or tobacco? Everything can be possible! Day early in the morning, but I do not usually like the sun feels sting crown. However, so-from the roadside to see the girls with their own view of the more eye-nanar not menyurutkan the desire to ensure sesosok body of men who hang out in the street tree waru. Is not too high, but the garden ditumbuhi only grass and shrub ilalang it appeared clear enough male figure that. Body bergoyangan tertiup occasional wind. Mendelik eyes, protruding spoken. People who want to market or children who want to leave school more stodge empty garden where men hang diri.Percakapan it flows from the mouth of the people make a hot breakfast atmosphere felt more sick. Some of the new and soon came to recognize figure is male, appeared keterkejutan extraordinary, scrub scrub-like eyes do not believe. Mudrika, unlucky man was this known as the civilian market that is quite ditakuti. Sturdy body, face-looking despite his highlight sedingin snow. There are tattoos on the left chest and wound suture used in the right arm. No one who does not know the name Mudrika although perhaps not yet seen face. In addition to gamble and drunk-like mabukan Mudrika memalak shops owned by the descendants of people who line the road along the area of the market. Only shops belonging to citizens who are descendants of it are feverish shops other tidak.Matahari more fours to the top. Wind blow shake-shake Mudrika corpses as bandol hours. Sometimes trees waru berkeriut like that would shake when the winds come hard menghempas. Make women around the often breathless, close the mouth with the hands, eyes or memejamkan, if not able to imagine trees waru it really broken. What happens when trees waru is truly broken and dead bodies that have been Mudrika Terhempas the rigid to the ground? Perhaps the legs broken and bones akan-tulangnya melesak out.
How chilling. But women like that terhipnotis, continue straight in there, continue to talk to their mouth, such as foamy rendaman cucian.Di roadside girls that hold didera public nervous because he has not also come wait. Body wet sweat. Both lututnya trembling. He immediately wanted to get out of that place, but both legs feel heavy to move. He does not worry over the ten-step body roll akan ago down to the ground. Throng of people in the empty garden will surely be moved immediately jump around himself. Then, ah, what if the people then catenate-connect itself with the death Mudrika? IMMEDIATE him breaking throng gave way to the four police who came very late in the accident. Two police appear busy talking with the HT plane, while two other elucidate the yellow line. Those who have continued around the lake in a conversational tone that the longer the more hard. Make it similar to the location where pawnshop auction. No one came three old people and the police worked quickly down the corpse Mudrika.Entah is driven by what miracle, suddenly the girl cross the road about rushing throng, merangsek into. On the red soil and grass ilalang that broken-broken because too many feet that turn, he clearly can see the corpses Mudrika dibaringkan, rigid timber such as gelondong. Police with a sprightly unlace a neck wrap tightly Mudrika ago forced both eyes. However, it is not easy to set the hours that the bug, so that police and tear a banana leaf on the cover wajahnya.Angin ago that suddenly blow some tight shirt button the top of the Mudrika casual, open. Damaged the views of the chest is to the left Mudrika. Dragon tattoo pictures appear in the large size, like new - not proportional to the chest area. Disturb the conversation again. People who often see Mudrika secretly feel wonderment.

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