Friday, June 26, 2009

The Tattoo reads "Coca Cola"

If you are interested decorate your body with tattoos? If you want to have any posts kanji tattoo, you should make it so that the outlets Tattoo Vince Mattingley incident does not occur. Vince Mattingley lover is one of the tattoo with the Chinese any posts. He asks for a waitress in Chinese restaurant favorite tattoos to make his name in any posts on the Chinese chest.

However, without Vince, the waitress would write any posts "Coke" on the chest Vince. Without feeling suspicious, Vince boast tattoos for 26 years. He realized a new error when he is traveling to Thailand. The Bartender asks why he has any posts "Coke" on the chest. "I think he was only kidding. But when I ask to some people, tattoos are meant Coca Cola. Waitress was definitely very satisfied mempermalukan I can," he said as dilansir newspaper The Sun. However, Vince was not cured. He intends to make another tattoo to cover the tattoo "Coke" is. "I will make the Japanese kanji characters in this time," he said lagi.Selamat try!

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