Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Tattoo Art

Tattoos are bagaian of art, now dizaman many artists wear sexy body tattoo for garnish. Moreover, in the western world. When you walk in any mall, there are certainly some people who wear berseliweran tattoo. Not only the style of the young punk, but also adults who are usually strong and well-gempal.

Shape and size of tattoo is very diverse. There is a large, there is a small. Can be in various places in the body., From the arms, legs, chest or neck up. There is also doing a tattoo on the brow, above the eyes or lips forming a line, as a permanent cosmetics.


In history, some of the ways to make the tattoo done. In North and South America, Indian tribes mentattoo way rasp their skin. Some California tribes in the United States, enter the coloring on the scratches are made in the skin. Some tribes in the Arctic, Subarctic, Eastern Siberia, entering through the color pigment injection needle. In Polynesia and Micronesia, pigment is inserted through the skin puncture to be in the form of plaster. Maori tribe in New Zaeland, bertattoo preserve the property that the tribe after they died, and stored as a family treasure. They can memperdagangkannya with weapons and iron tools. This then lead to trade wars and political problems. And therefore prohibited, and the head of the property bertattoo chieftain now only kept in museums in Europe.

Tattoo is permanent, is made in a way to enter the ink in the skin. Ink entered with a small needle is held by the creator of the tattoo. Needle entered the skin is driven out of several hundred times per minute and penetrate the skin about 1 mm.

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