Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Temporary Tattoo

Body art has become increasingly popular for males in recent years. Tattoos and body piercings tend to reflect the “tough guy” image. Hundreds of years ago in various tribes all over the world, male body art was required. If men weren’t painted, pierced, or tattooed, they were not considered men, but instead, they were viewed as boys or even animals. This perspective is one way that body art has been linked to masculinity over the years.

Another reason why male body art sometimes represents masculinity is because of the level of pain involved in the process of getting most types of body art. Tattoos and piercings all involve a certain level of pain, which is sometimes viewed as a test of one’s manhood. Especially for those who have a large part of their bodies tattooed or pierced, often the amount of pain imagined is impressive.

The subject matter involved in male body art, especially tattoos, will most often deal with tough images and masculine tattoo symbols. A large portion of men with tattoos will choose images involving animals--some believing that the animal’s characteristics are, in part, given to the bearer of the animal’s tattoo. Therefore, the strength, courage, and power that many animals hold, may also be bestowed onto the one wearing the tattoo of the lion, tiger, dragon, or snake. This concept certainly enhances the masculinity of the tattoo as well.

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