Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Rose Tattoos Meaning

One of the most popular and symbolic tattoos offered is that of a rose. Many people may think of a rose as being a tattoo for women only, but that is not the case. Because a rose can either be made into a feminine or masculine design, it is one of the most universal tattoos available.

In ancient times, roses were viewed as a masculine flower. However, as the years progressed and different colors of the rose were discovered, this beautiful flower became the popular choice for wedding bouquets and was then associated with women and love.

If you are thinking of getting a rose tattoo, it’s important to be familiar with the color variations and each of their meanings. A red rose, for instance, symbolized love and passion. White roses, which are often used in weddings, signify innocense, purity and spirituality. A yellow rose implies friendship and happiness. Pink roses are associated with gentleness and admiration. When mixed, red and white roses symbolize unity.

Now that you know the symbolism behind the most popular colors of the rose, it’s important to know what various images mean. A rose in bloom may imply being faithful, a new beginning and/or a celebration of a happy occasion. A withered rose, on the other hand, signifies separation from a loved one.

As previously mentioned, a rose tattoo can either be worn as a masculine or feminine design. For women, placement is usually on the ankle, shoulder, lower back or hip. For men, a rose tattoo is often designed in the form of a vine that wraps around the name of their sweetheart. In some cases, the name of a wife or girlfriend may be placed underneath the image of a rose. The most popular placement for a masculine rose tattoo is on the upper arm.

Because a tattoo is forever, designs and images should be chosen carefully. When individuals purchase a trendy or fashionable design, he/she risks having that particular style fade with time. However, roses are classic. They are beautiful and they never go out of style, which makes them an ideal choice for the trend-conscious wearer.

As a final thought for tattoo selection and placement, it’s a good idea to make sure that the size of the tattoo fits the size of the area being inked. Proportion is very important, especially if you only plan to have one tattoo. Women who choose placement of a rose tattoo on their ankle, lower back or hip may choose a smaller design in order to convey a dainty image.

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