Monday, March 16, 2009

The Rose Tattoo Designs - So Many Meanings In One Simple Flowers

Without doubt the rose is the most adored breed of flower throughout the world. One would have to guess that the popularity of this exquisite flower has been linked to the romantic connotations that roses have between lovers. Every woman would appreciate a beautiful bunch of even a single rose from their lover as a token of their love and affection. The red rose in particular undoubtedly the most popular color and relates strongly to romance as well as sexual relationships.

To other people this flower rose may have other symbolic meanings. For example it is claimed in folklore that both Aphrodite who was the Greek Goddess of Love, and Venus who was Aphrodite's Roman equivalent, revered the red rose. It also has religious connections and is known to be symbolic of the Virgin Mary. The people who claim to have witnessed a vision of Mary say that her appearance is always accompanied by the smell of roses.

If you are considering having a rose tattoo design, but are reluctant to because of the romantic implications, don't worry - I have seen many masculine guys wearing a rose tattoo, often as a reminder of departed loved ones. Some creative guys have even incorporated it into a multi-image tattoo such as having a snake curled around a dagger embedded in a rosebush.

English Roses

Here is a bit of history for you! Do you know why a beautiful English woman is typically referred to as "An English Rose"? Well it is related to some of Shakespeare's writings where he refers to the rose and compares his love (lady) with a red rose in the line, "O my love is like a red, red rose".

As well as having a romantic connotation this flower is also reflective of more aggressive situations, for example, two of England's most famous families both have this delightful flower as part of their family symbolism - the Lancasters (whose family emblem is the red rose) and the Yorks (whose coat of arms is made up of white rose).

In addition to this one of Britain's dominant political parties, the Labor Party, is symbolized by red roses.

Another more masculine use of the rose tattoo design involves the 1980's rock band 'Guns 'n' Roses', The members of the Band were well known for their hard rocking music and lifestyle yet they all wore tattoos incorporating the image of the rose albeit with tattoos of guns. As a result many fans both male and female emulated the band members by getting tattoos with images of guns and roses.

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