Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Erotic Tattoos

Erotic tattoos have become a controversial issue in today’s society, where most people fall into the categories of either loving them or outright hating them. The invention of the tattoo machine in 1891 made tattoos much easier and less painful to receive. However, back then, body tattoos, let alone erotic tattoos, were still not widely accepted. Before too long, tattoos became at least tolerated by most beginning in the 1970’s. The arm, back, and ankle were some of the most popular locations to get a tattoo. This is around the time where erotic tattoos began their major public entrance into society.

The importance behind erotic tattoos has to do with the ownership of our bodies. It is an amazing thing to know that we have the power to do what we wish with our bodies, as they are our own and no one else’s. We can use it for pleasure, needs, wishes, and body art. We can decorate our bodies however we wish, including the ornamentation of our private areas with erotic tattoos. Erotic tattoos have a certain mystery about them, as very few people are able to actually see them. There are certainly people out there that you would least expect to have erotic tattoos, such as the businessmen and lawyers who just happen to also be tattoo enthusiasts. They can’t get typical body tattoos, as they would lose their professionalism. Therefore, many opt to get erotic tattoos so that they can be hidden during business hours.

Then, of course, there are the tattoo enthusiasts who get these erotic tattoos with the hope of showing them off to as many people as possible. Sometimes this is done by covering the breasts and chest area with tattoos and wearing skimpy clothing, in order to show off the body art. Other times it is achieved by visiting nude beaches or by expressing their promiscuity.

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