Friday, February 20, 2009

Express the Darkside With Gothic Tattoos Designs

Gothic tattoo designs identify the wearer as a member of the gothic subculture. There are many different associations and stereotypes about gothic tattoos, but they are trendy (especially among those involved in the subculture) and beautiful.

Ankhs and gothic crosses are popular gothic tattoos. The ankh is the Egyptian hieroglyph for "life," which is contrary to the gothic glamorization of death. Those who are aware and take the death preoccupation seriously will invert the ankh, as though to suggest the opposition to life. Gothic crosses are typically heavily adorned, deliberate, and also exalt the beauty in death.

Those who identify as gothic are sometimes drawn to the idea of getting their own bones tattooed onto their skin. Popular choices are the ribcage, which looks stunning when done by a very skilled artist, and the spine, which can be incredibly beautiful as well if handled correctly.

Mythical creatures of gothic preoccupation are frequent subjects of gothic tattoos. For example, fairies, dragons, and the white rabbit are popular tattoos among members of the goth subculture. Another frequent choice is to get fairy, angel, dragon, or bat wings tattooed onto the back which can look really cool.
Other popular gothic choices are roses, especially black, skulls and skeletons, and spiders. Also, the gothic admiration of vampires makes a tattoo of a vampire bite popular. These choices are generalizations as to what is popular among gothic people, but they can look very stunning and identify someone as a member of the subculture.

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