Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Animal Tattoo

When choosing a tattoo, one may consider various designs before choosing the one. Animals, are a more popular tattoo design that one would think, and people get animal tattoos for various reasons.

Throughout time and literature, animals of varying species will symbolize different things. So, when one person gets an animal tattoo, it may mark a turning point in their life, or how that animal represents their soul.

Plus, in today's society, animals are a big part of life. We spend millions on our pets, and many people reflect their love with tattoos of their beloved pets on their body.

Some people just find a fascination with an animal species, and feel the need to have it tattooed on their body.

Whereas, others may have a spiritual connection with the animal.

But, in any case, animal tattoos are popular among the masses.

The more common animal tattoos include:

  • Koi
  • Snakes
  • Frogs
  • Tigers
  • Horses
  • Birds
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • DragonsButterflie

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