Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Popular Tattoo Designs for Women

This will almost guarantee that you will have a tattoo similar to those of countless others and you may not be happy with your choice in the future. Instead, take time to think about your interests, things that you like and the things that matter to you.

It's not a good idea, unless you get the initials or names of your children or may be relatively late. Getting a tattoo lovers or name (or worse, face) is almost like a curse for the relationship, just ask anyone who has one. If you must have your name inked on your beloved, consider Asian character alphabet.

Flowers are very popular, but not just run your rose plant. These days, women are the more exotic blooms in bright colors, often with a black design on the back of interest rates. Zodiac symbols are also popular and can be done in various ways, from plain black to be degraded and filled with solid colors or gradient

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