Friday, February 11, 2011

Beauty Dragonfly Tattoos Designs

The kind of choice one would make would present his or her own creativity and connotation of the drawing. Its popularity also comes from its profound meaning and symbolism. Like the butterfly, it denotes metamorphosis; a transformation from an unlikely beginning to a beautiful ending. This same process can be applied to every individual.

Dragonflies may appear delicate and dainty, but they also symbolize strength. They are hunters after all; preying on unsuspecting smaller insects and once caught they will be crushed in the dragonflies' strong jaws. Another thing that is eye-catching about the dragonfly is its flapped pair of wings that with its thin body the contrast creates an exceptional image.

With its transparent thin wings, the image of haze is also shown. To accent the dragonfly drawing, flowers or leaves can also be illustrated. This is really a design that has a deeper sense and at the same time emits beauty. Both male and female tattoo lovers can have this kind of design. It does not simply appeal to the female gender but rather to all.

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